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    Photo of datacabling by otago central telecommunications OCT

    Data Cabling Installation

    Typically more and more of the services we have in the home have multiple users - TV's in various locations, children requiring internet access for fun or for homework, convenience of telephones in multiple locations, working from home or shopping on the internet.

    Sharing the resources through a home network is easy and convenient. At OCT we specialize in the design of such networks to offer customers a practical cost effective and discrete network solution to all your terrestrial digital or cable TV, telephony and computer/internet needs.

    Receive the benefits of television, telephones, Internet and computers anywhere in the home. If your needs change then any of the outlets can accommodate different uses by a simple change to the main control unit without major disturbance or rewiring. Installing a structured network into the build of a new or existing property enables present and future technologies to be added as and when required or desired.

    So, if you are looking for efficient and flexible distribution of data, audio, communication and video services in your home or business, give us a call today.

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    Sky tv installations in central otago

    Sky & Digital TV Services with OCT

    Whatever your digital or Sky Television requirements are, make OCT your first call.

    Our technicians work on behalf of SKY TV to provide a quality installation service that covers all your needs.

    Sky Digital TV provides digital home entertainment to thousands of homes throughout New Zealand, with it's superb range of digital TV channels and interactive digital services.

    There are many options suited to all budgets to receive Sky TV, such as MySky, MySky+ and a broad range of digital channel packages tailored to your interests.

    Pop in to our showroom or give us a call for advice and recommendations based on your property, budget, requirements and the signal levels in your area, whether it be for Free to Air or Sky TV.

    Call us today for more information.

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    telephone services by Otago Central Telecommunications

    telephone & security systems

    OCT provides clients with a 'one stop shop' for their telecommunications needs.

    If asked to help with adjusting or changing telephone systems at your business, our starting point is always a detailed fact find. We place a key emphasis on understanding your business goals, and today and tomorrow's operational requirements. We believe businesses of all kinds can benefit from developing a telecommunications strategy. Hence our emphasis on future requirements.

    As a full solution provider we are able to cater for both the small business market as well as the larger enterprises and offer both Telephone System Solutions and maintenance across the board. With our service technicians working throughout the Otago region, you can be assured of prompt service backed by our total commitment to quality guarantee.

    Give OCT a call today to discuss a telephone system for your organization.

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    farmside installation in central otago

    fast just got faster with OCT

    We understand that installing a home network can be a daunting task, so why not let us help you install a secure wireless or wired network? Even if you have an existing network that you'd like us to troubleshoot or extend around your home or business - we're ready to assist.

    No more wasted hours trying to get your broadband working properly. With our friendly technicians, you will be up and running in no time with a solid and secure connection.

    It's essential that your wireless network is completely secure, it not only protects your credit cards and bank information from interception but thwarts slow performance caused by others using your broadband connection. We install secure wireless networks that keep your information out of reach.

    We have experience in networking for small home offices right through to large houses and businesses. What's more we'll even be able to install your WiFi, security cameras, telephones, storage devices, music and video streaming systems or pretty much anything else you can think of. Whether it is wired or wireless, we can discuss the benefits of each and help you decide!

    You can learn more about Farmside – broadband for remote rural locations on their website

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    Multi-room tv & audio networks

    multiroom by Otago Central Telecommunications
    OCT specialises in the installation of multi-room technology to give you the freedom to watch digital television in your bedroom (or any room of your home) all whilst controlling your Sky, Free to Air or DVD system in your living room!

    Every multi-room system is different and can be custom designed and tailored to meet your individual requirements. Whether you are looking for an extra television point, or a fully installed, digital multi-room system, OCT can help and customise a solution for you.

    Using digital signal amplifiers, we can fully configure your home or place of work to provide instant access to digital television viewing services such as Sky and Free to Air from within any room of your home. Now you will never have to argue over who has control of the television again!

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    home theatre & audio visual

    home theatre solutions by otago central telecommunications

    Imagine watching a blockbuster movie or playing the latest PS3 video game on your own home cinema system with the ultimate in sound and visual quality.

    At OCT we design and install a range of sophisticated home theatre solutions, from multi-use cinema rooms, with plasma screens, concealed speakers and hidden wires, through to dedicated home theatres.

    Our in-house specialists create a home cinema experience that perfectly matches your requirements. We put particular emphasis on making sure the system is easy-to-use for all the family and, after installation, is acoustically optimised and visually calibrated so you receive the very best audio and visual quality from your investment.

    We are experts in ensuring your home cinema system blends seamlessly into your home environment - complementing rather than competing with your existing interior décor and architectural style.

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